Using QR Codes

QR Codes

Have you seen something like this? QR code

You may have seen it on a sign, website or in a magazine,  It is called a QR Code (Quick Response Code).

We are familiar with bar codes being scanned on the items we wish to purchase at a store.  QR Codes are like bar codes however QR Codes can do so much more.  After you have downloaded an app on a smart phone, then you can scan these codes Find out here which grooming Glee star Darren Criss relies online casino on to always be red carpet ready. to discover the information connected to the image.

The QR Code can direct you to videos, maps and locations, websites, contact information, or Facebook and other social media sites.

The choices are endless.

(If you wish to read more about QR Codes, casino online Terrence O”Brian wrote In a Nutshell, What are QR Codes? )


A great free site to make a QR code is

If you would like instruction how to use, watch this video:


You can watch these additional videos regarding QR Codes on YouTube.



I hope you enjoy making your new QR Codes!

Tanya Campbell