What is Lorem Ipsum / Filler Text?

Lorem Ipsum / Filler Text

Sometimes when you are looking at a website, you see words written in Latin.  This text was not meant for you to read and understand.  The words show what the text will look like on the web page (or on paper).  This has been a designer’s technique since the 1500s when text was being printed on printing presses.

The website I use to create this text (also know as dummy text or casino pa natet filler text) is www.lipsum.com.

The original filler text was written by Cicero in 45 BC.  It was taken from his online casinos De finibus bonorumm et malorum (The Purpose of Good and Evil).  Needless to say it is not a light hearted piece of work.  The translation is available at www.lipsum.com.

A place to find more comical filler text is www.queness.com/post/9327/13-funny-and-useful-lorem-ipsum-generators.  There you will find a wide variety of themes from hipster, vegetables to bacon.

If you want to see how to use www.lipsum.com when retrieving the number of words or paragraphs you desire for your project, check out this video.  (Don’t worry about the comments about Dreamweaver.  This site is good for any program.  The actual instructions start at 1:55.).


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